Sports for Life and Peter Rossouw. I call him uncle Peter because he’s like an uncle to me. I met uncle Peter when I was nine years old, it was my first time coming to the canoe club to try out paddling.

From that first time I met him he was so good to me and such a helping person, he helped me learn how to get into a boat, how to hold a paddle and how to actually paddle. When I look back to it now makes me so emotionally happy to remember that actually everything I’ve achieved and done in paddling and in life is because of uncle Peter! If he had not taught me how to hold that paddle I’d be nowhere in life.

Not only did he help me with paddling. Mmy first sponsor was organised for me by uncle Peter, they help me financially and academically and help me with all the equipment I need. You know every time I needed something I always spoke to uncle Peter because he always made a plan for me to receive what ever I needed in order to make me a better person. Uncle Peter did not only help me with paddling but with a whole lot of advice on how to make good decisions in life, how to handle pressure and how to grow spiritually.

Sports4life also did a lot for me. Uncle Peter And Sports4life did so much for me that I can’t even remember every single thing they did for me but one thing I remember for sure is when I was training hard but couldn’t push my self any harder because I actually could not see the sessions I was doing, what speed was I holding for the sessions because I did not have a Garmin watch to show me all that.

A Garmin 920 cost about R8000 to R9000, I could never afford to get myself a watch like that but Sports4life did not let me down. The organised that I got this watch. Today I am World Champ Bronze medalist and all the training building up to this victory I did using that watch. Not so many people are as lucky as me in life but I know for sure that anyone who knows uncle Peter And sports4life are the luckiest people in the world.

Sports4life helped me with a lot of mentorship, as school student I need a lot of advice about how to mange my with training and school work and the same time and I have received a lot of advice from uncle Peter And sports4life on that. I think to explain everything that uncle Peter And Sports4life has done for me would mean that I have to write a whole big fat book.

Thank you uncle Peter and Sports4life. It made me a better person in life and I know for sure that every life you touch or will touch will be changes forever. Thank you.

Alex Masina SA Schools Victor Ludorum and World Marathon U18/ Junior Bronze Medallist