As Peter Rossouw has had many years in the world of diagnostic pathology and pharmaceuticals ,he is convinced that the use of correct nutritional supplements is key to maintaining optimal health.

Thus it is not good marketing or advertising that influences our teaching and choice of supplements ,but credible published research and full human double blind placebo controlled clinical trials.

Health is wealth

Our diets, from a clinical research perspective, can no longer provide the nutrients that we need to operate/function optimally and hence supplementation is essential.

As most supplements sold are chemically manufactured in a laboratory, and are not natural plant extracts, the body does not have the necessary enzymes to digest them, hence maximum absorption is around 8 %.
We only consider supplements that are naturally grown and harvested and then processed in a controlled environment where the full efficacy of the product is guaranteed.

We teach all those that we train ,coach and counsel ,the value of credible nutrition ,as this is a value add to their long term health and performance and opens further doors to financial empowerment as well.