The focus for Sports41ife for 2018 and beyond is highlighted below.

Fundraising – Its time to buy the Buildings

This coming Saturday, the 15th December and Sunday the 16th, I will be hosting a fund raising event to raise the R2 million needed to buy the buildings at Wemmer Pan to house the Human and Sport Development Centre , the Medical Care Centre and the Artisan Training Centre.

We will be paddling/canoeing and running for 30 hrs from 8 am on sat to 2pm on Sunday.

Folk can sponsor us per km covered. The banking details are on the website.

If any businesses/corporates would like to sponsor as well, Sports4life is fully BEE accredited and the necessary points can be awarded.

The Wemmer Pan Sprint and Marathon Centre of Excellence. Wemmer Pan is the only City dam in Africa with its own sprint lanes. Sports41ife will seek to have these extended and upgraded to be a fully Olympic compliant sprint facility. The goal is to establish a residential Centre of Excellence for sprint and marathon training which is within easy reach of the thousands of disadvantaged living within the central Johannesburg and Rosettenville, La Rochelle, Regents Park, Turffontein , and Kenilworth areas as well as for those living further afield.

We have now been offered the properties at Wemmer Pan. We need R2 million to buy the 1400 sqm of buildings and are looking for sponsorship.

We are also planning a canoe marathon event there for the 14th October which will have National Super Sport coverage.

To identify and train an initial squad of 20 disadvantaged young people, especially young woman. The squad will need boats, paddles, kit, nutrition, coaches and the input of physiotherapists to reach their full potential. Costing for this project will be R685,000, and a full cost breakdown is available on request. To initiate a grassroots development program, linked to the 5 key Canoe Clubs in central Gauteng with

  • Teach to swim
  • Teach to canoe and
  • Trail running.

To empower each young person from 16 yrs old and upwards, through Personality and Strength based analysis to make informed and wise decisions as to their post school study direction and then to give study bursaries in their areas of strength and passion. There will be a strong educational support base linked with every young person that enters our holistic development program, designed to produce top performers through a blend of mental, physical, emotional, relational and spiritual training.






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